• No walk ins - classes MUST be booked prior to class time via @mindbody  Visit the schedule tab to do so. 

• Still accepting and booking private and semi private sessions for those who want to wait to get back into a group class setting. 

• Arrive & enter the studio no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled class time 

• Cleaners and wipes are available for you to wipe down your equipment before class starts if you wish to. The studio is completely sanitized every evening to ensure everyone’s safety.

• Cleaning is done before & after every session by the instructor. Clients will wipe down reformers after class also. 

• Masks are optional to all clients. 

• Socks are required - I do sell them in the studio if you forget. 

• If you have traveled, feel sick, or have been in contact with someone who has been sick - STAY HOME! please respect the safety of my clients. 

• Due to class demand, my cancellation policy will be in place still. BUT... if you are canceling due to sickness - it will be waived. Please be kind & cancel with ample time so others can sign up. 

what is pilates?

Pilates is an exercise technique that focuses on strengthening the core muscles and creating long strong muscles in the arms and legs. Pilates is an exercise methodology developed by Mr. Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara. The method focuses on controlled movements, especially using the abdominals and coordinating the breath, for this reason he originally called his method “contrology.” Mr. Pilates ran his New York studio, where he trained many dancers and others, from approximately 1925 well into the 1960s until his death in 1967 at the age of 83.

Modern Pilates focuses on teaching people healthy biomechanics while using the traditional Pilates vocabulary of movements. The Pilates method is touted as a way to create longer leaner muscles, improve posture, strengthen the spine and reduce the incidence of disc herniations, and is a sure-fire way to tone the whole body.

Will pilates help my posture?

Excellent posture is something we all desire. Pilates is designed to strengthen, stretch and align. First you will strengthen the abdominals and muscles around the spine, giving your spine the support it has been craving. Then you will stretch the shoulders, chest and upper back, opening the shoulders that so often roll forward, finding space through the chest, and mobilizing the often frozen thoracic spine. Last, teaching your body to stand in a healthy alignment using your new mobility and strength to feel supported in great posture.

will I lose weight doing pilates?

Pilates is a system of toning, that incorporates some cardio cardiovascular exercise, and could be compared to strength training. It will raise your heartbeat and warm you up and show you muscles you didn’t know you had.

Pilates will change the shape of your body. It is not uncommon for clients to drop a dress size, even if their weight is the same on a scale. If you want to lose pounds, you must also address your diet. We highly recommend seeing a nutritionist who can help you pinpoint where you are hiding the extra calories in your diet in addition to your Pilates training.

does my package expire?

All packages have expiration dates. The expiration dates can be found below, in addition to online in the Mindbody store and on the app when making a purchase.


  • New Client 3 for $60 - 30 days from purchase


  • Single Session - 30 days from purchase

  • 5 Class Pack - 3 months from purchase

  • 10 Class Pack - 6 months from purchase


  • 30 days from first use

What is the cancelation policy?

--ALL Reformer classes need to be cancelled within 12 hours or your pass will be taken from your account.

--Unlimited Reformer Pass Holders will be charged $8.00 to the credit card on file when a class is late cancelled or no showed. 

--ALL Mat (Barre, MOVE, Pilates Mat classes need to be cancelled within 6 hours or a class pass will be taken from your account. 

Private Sessions need to be cancelled 24 hours ahead of time, or a  pass will be taken from your account. 

We get it... NO ONE likes late policies - but with reformer classes having ONLY 5 spots... someone could have taken your spot. Be kind & cancel on time! We respect your time & we expect the same love! 

i'm new here... what should i know before coming?

  • Arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to class starting, to keep the studio from getting crowded. 

  • Masks are required at all times except for during class on your reformer. You have the option to remove it during your session. 

  • Socks are required. Grip socks are recommended, but not needed. They are available for purchase in the studio. 

  • Cancellation Policy: Group Classes - 12 hours before session. Private and Duet Sessions-  24 hours before session. All late cancellations will forfeit the class from their package, unlimited memberships will be charged a $8 late fee.

  • Classes are non-transferable and non-refundable. 

  • Classes titled: 'Reformer Pilates' classes are recommended for anyone new to Pilates and/or the reformer. 

How will I benefit from pilates?

This is hard to respond with a quick answer... but in short, Pilates exercises combine strengthening with lengthening; they lighten the load on your spine and joints by correcting muscular imbalances due to bad posture or misuse of muscles and alleviate tension. You’ll rediscover your body’s natural movement patterns and experience countless benefits that carry into your daily life. 

what is a reformer?

The reformer was invented by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates. It is a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage, which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs. The springs provide choices of differing levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame. The carriage has shoulder blocks on it that keep practitioners from sliding off the end of the reformer as they push or pull the carriage.

At the spring end of the reformer, there is an adjustable bar called a footbar. The footbar can be used by the feet or hands as a practitioner moves the carriage. The reformer also has long straps with handles on them that are attached to the top end of the frame. They can be pulled with legs or arms to move the carriage as well. Body weight and resistance of the springs are what make the carriage more or less difficult to move. Reformers parts are adjustable for differing body sizes and different levels of skill.

I'm new... will I be okay in class?

No prior experience is needed, as your instructor  will describe how to perform each exercise – just bring an open mind and a lot of energy! Modifications are ALWAYS given & always availible!

Not 'in shape' - YOU ARE FINE! Absolutely! While our trainers recommend resistance levels and a pace for each exercise, it is fully customizable for you. Keep on coming and you'll be hitting your goals in no time. 

The option of coming in for a private session prior to joining group classes is an option as well! Email me to book directly. 

pilates & yoga...

they're same right?

Pilates and yoga are different yet very complementary. Practicing Pilates can give you the strength and flexibility to help yogis enhance their practice.

Yoga is a spiritually based movement practice that uses breathing, meditation, chanting, stretching and careful control of the body by focusing the mind to achieve enhanced states of consciousness. There are many different types of yoga; the most popular types of yoga in the United States use the technique of moving slowly into a pose and holding the pose while taking slow deep breathes in order to achieve a quieting of the mind.


Pilates is a movement based practice and uses breathing, stretching and careful control of the body by focusing the mind. Pilates focuses on abdominal strengthening and functional use of the muscles and joints. There is a large focus on anatomy and learning how to feel and differentiate different muscles in order to achieve healthy and strong hip joints, shoulders and spine. Pilates uses the ideas of stability and mobility to teach practitioners how to keep themselves from being injured.