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Ellen Foody,Owner/Founder & Certified Barre & Pilates Instructor

Ellen best describes why she teaches as a simple desire to encourage others to experience the same joy as she gets from her own practice. She believes that a strong mind body connection means more mindful and purposeful movements and a tougher workout. The body is meant to move & she wanted to create a space for people to do so. MOVE is a place that nurtures community, movement, and strength. With her training in both Barre & Pilates - she wants to safely move people through guided & intentional movement to reach whatever goals her clients may have. She is here to help her community move better & live better. One of her favorite parts of teaching is seeing people gain confidence both in and out of the studio as they progress. At the end of the day, community is what motivates her. 


Ellen is guided and inspired by her simple belief that the human body is made to move and that state of mind is optimized if a life incorporates purposeful movement every day. 


Ellen is extensively trained in both Barre & Pilates. Currently, she is Barre certified through Barre Above. Holding Pilates certifications through Balanced Body in both Mat Pilates and Reformer, as well as ‘Movement Principles’ which is a movement based approach of how anatomy and Pilates relate. To continue her education & love for movement, Ellen went through a 500 hour comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program through, ’The Lab’, in Chicago with Jacquelyn Brennan of Pilates + Coffee & Holly Swanson of Core Chicago Pilates.

Currently, Ellen is working on her 'Pregnancy & Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist' Certification. After taking a Perinatal Workshop with Jacquelyn Brennan of Pilates + Coffee in January of 2020, Ellen was incredibly intrigued on the benefits of Pilates for a new/expectant mother. 

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