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Private & Semi Private Training: Classes


Get one-on-one attention

Expect a custom session designed to meet your unique goals, tailored precisely to your body. Suitable for people new to pilates and wanting some extra attention while they begin. Privates are also perfect for people working with injuries, and other conditions. 


With one on one instruction, you can really learn what it means and how to strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, and improve your posture. All of these things need to be understood before you can reach your balanced body. 

Many who are new to Pilates have some kind of movement experience but may not have a strong mind-body connection background. Proprioception, the understanding of where your body is in space, is a big component of Pilates, keeping the practitioner aware of their poses. Lack of proprioceptive awareness can lead to a crucial misstep: the urge to just 'keep going' when in a group setting. Even if you just take a few private sessions before entering group classes - that may be what your body needs. We are here to help YOU!


Friends don't let friends do pilates alone

Semi-Privates are perfect someone looking for a more customized Pilates workout than a group class. Also, for someone looking for a more economical choice in developing his/her Pilates practice.

This is a good option for looking for a more social workout than a private Pilates session or for an opportunity to workout with a friend or family member.

Benefits of scheduling Semi-Private Pilates sessions include:

- A semi-customized Pilates workout that is designed especially for you and your partners.

- It is more economical than a Private Pilates session.

-It is more convenient to schedule a time that works for you and your partner rather than sticking to a set class schedule.

- It can be more customized than a group class. With 2-3 clients at about the same level of expertise, the instructor can customize the workout for those individuals.

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