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Hi PI - High Intensity pilates 

Hi-Pi (High Intensity Pilates) is a combination of high-intensity movements and Pilates. This class is geared more for advanced clients who are comfortable in their Pilates reformer practice and are ready to SWEAT! Join us for a full hour of intense, full body work! 

This class will be ever-changing and may include heavier weights, jump-board, or other props to up the intensity and really challenge your practice! 


Our effective small group, reformer pilates classes utilize spring-controlled resistance to build core strength, increase flexibility, endurance and coordination. The resistance created by the pulley and spring system, along with your body weight provides a challenging strength and endurance workout. In 55 minutes you will hit every muscle group in your body and feel longer and stronger than when you walked in...we dare you not to get seriously addicted. 

*This class is appropriate for ALL LEVELS  & is capped off at 6 people to ensure proper instruction & cueing is given to each client.


My teaching style is very 'layered' - meaning I set people up for their own personal success in their moves. I will cue a move and say "you can stay here or if you wanted to push yourself today, here is the next step but feel free to drop back at any point" - I believe in non leveled classes and letting clients learn their bodies to know when they want to challenge their bodies. It makes for a much more intentional practice. 




An invigorating 55 minute class that mixes fast, powerful, jumping movements with reformer exercises. 

JumpBoard Reformer class burns calories and increases the heart rate while engaging the core and building endurance, strength, and stability throughout the session. 

The jumpboard is an attachment that converts a reformer into a horizontal jumping machine. It fixes to the front of the reformer where the footbar is located. While lying with your back on the carriage you can adjust the spring tension and jump on the board as if it were the floor.