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- $50 for JUNE Access 

- New Class Added Daily from June 1st - 30th

- Video Access Will Never Expire

- Group will never be deleted

Please note this access is for videos from JUNE 1st through the 30th. (videos/ group access is available after forever!)

  • Variety of Classes: Mat Pilates, Barre, Circuits, and some light HIIT work to get your heart rate up!

  • Variety of Class Lengths; Some are a full hour, others are quick 10 minute  blasts for when you're crunched on time. 

  • NO PROPS needed; I do add them in on some videos for an extra challenge, but are not needed.

  • You just need yourself! (Yes, a mat is great... but is not required! Improvise with a beach towel!) 

  • ALL Levels can participate; I offer modifications and options for exercises for those who may want more or less. 

  • I use the page as a space for everyone to interact & comment when they have completed their workouts to create a community and accountability! We are stronger together

Let's Move!

Please reach out to me via EMAIL if you do not have a

Facebook Page to access the videos. 

I have another platform option for you! 

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